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God awful Jackass
United States
Current Residence: A World where the color Green Causes Cancer.
Favourite genre of music: I don't hear the music, but I dance anyway.
Favourite photographer: Anyone not employed by the CIA, Police, or Mafia. Nudity Inclined.
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Surrealism, Abstraction, Cinema, The Mind on Choas.
Operating System: Booze and Coffee mostly; Also, Mescaline when available.
MP3 player of choice: Stolen off a Truck.
Shell of choice: Snail With Shattered Kaleidoscope glass glued to it
Wallpaper of choice: Transparent with ultraviolet and infared borders, also paneling.
Skin of choice: Any Poisonous Reptilian one, makes one Fuck Damn Coo pair of Sneakers.
Favourite cartoon character: The Mirror Study.
Personal Quote: He's a sadistic rapist, She's a nympho masochist, They both enjoy shopping for funny hats.
  • Listening to: Something unheard of.
  • Reading: Not deep enough between the lines.
  • Watching: Something out of sight.
  • Playing: No more Fucking Games.
  • Eating: Words.
  • Drinking: Not Yet...

Hey Folks and Flyass Bitches, Check out the great animated short while I swear about my Shrink's incompetence.…

Dark comedy is the noctious sensation you get when you laugh at something that to the normal person would be immature and wrong, for example laughing at a tradgedy. Dark or Black comedy was created many years ago in the fictional land of Greece, the theeater then was strictly a community thing wherein normal folks would particpate, in fact the church did not like this at all and Labeled them to be Devils ( The Church ) but this did not matter for the people loved the " Festivites ", and they'd put on quite a show as well. There was originaly two forms of play that was acted out, one was of comedy wherein absurdity and mundane observations wereembraced with great joy by emotion. on an interesting note, other than the written form of communication and accounting The plague of laughter is what seperates us from the beasts with exception of the coyote,hyena, and the Polish like my fore fathers. However to the loathly animals there is no way of truly grasping emotion like the plague of heinous laughter which does at times clinch us. It's easy to get addicted to the contaminate because it is contagious---------the lack of it sometimes leads toward the other form of performance, the Tradgedy, yes that which holds the painful or morbid interest of life. Suffering death and the what not. Lovely comical things such as Disease, Murder, Malice, Masochism, Gloom of living before you, regret of not stopping it behind. The rib tickler of another man's peril or Hell planetly demise. Most folk dug this style for the emotional Rhythms of FEAR's chemical rush or interest in a state of shire suspense. All was balance, then one day a slight oddity did indeed happen, someone at some point in time began to chuckle or snicker  during a dramatic tear wrenching tragedy, people had to turn their heads and mumble cruel words of miscontent. Someone actually found humour in a Horrible misfortune; " cLEARLY THEY ARE SICKENED! ", was the fake declaration made! Then that shit began to spread like wild fire on cocaine...All Hell broke loose aand everyone started laughing at perverted terrors ( Even though a few of them were actually funny. ) The Barrier was abolished and the line lost forever, the two blended together and became something entirely new! Babies were run over by carriages for bets, fire consumed all the water fountains, Shit turned to gold, weird shit began to happen at that moment. There was screaming not to be had as Hysteria of wickedness replaced it, it was an outbreak of a glorious thing. Before you knew it there was a motley roundup of every Known Trickster deity and demi-god...all leads were to coyote who had fire shoved in his mouth at the time. He was all like, " No way kokopelli fucking did that shit. " so poor kokopelli was put to the threats pretty intensely, He did not speak when the Authority deity asked him about the birth of the black comedy's chaotic results...Poor kokopelli just began swinging his head playing that fuck damned horn of his until he was grabbed by the wavy hair and slammed repeatedly a crossed the table until his hand was forced to sign a confessional and that's why they castrated him ( Altough we already touched base on this story before. ) Meanwhile Greece is being consumed by destruction and there's a sinful laughter everywhere to be heard because the birth of the Dark Comedy is truly fucking crazy.

Comedy has got to be the hardest human interest study of all time....when we as a wise species Iced the dodo's off maybe it was because the fuckers laughed at shit for no apparent reasons.

Knock Knock,
Who's there?
A Convicted Pedophile,
A Convicted Pedophile who?
A Convicted pedophile here to take your underage teen daughter out to a lovely four star restaurant where I shall continuously rape her inbetween courses then as an encore I'll permantly facialy like disfigure her face with a lanoleum knife I whimsically happened apon during a lost map tour in Poland, where the floors were made of aluminum coated in so un-detected coating of what seems to be rancid squeeze cheese and walnut finish, and of course she'll have me back here at say three o clock, after all it is a school night and I am a responsible person.

sure some will whince, but who cares who laughs, just as long as they do. Also, Spontaneously combusting is bad if you work on an Oil refinery. More so if it's rectal like.

Maybe It's true that This life is nothing but a real joke with no topping punchline to be held, then when you die you are goining to get that punchline, but then you forget the fucking joke in the first place. So life goes on natural like for years and in the end it's down to two living people dueling it out with burning chainsaws in the sun rise....Then maybe if the Universal Deities applaud and the credits rule that everyone played themselves.........Perhaps we will get a straight to fuck damned rental sequel and the motherfucking wacky Dodo will at last have it's just so deserving Revenge.

Now Let's Play, Fuck OFF! I Appreciate everything. I am not going to Apologize for anything after this.


Check the FCC Song Out Folks and Flyass Bitches!,

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babsbunny005 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Student General Artist
hey do you still log into DA? lol
Thelithiumfox Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
Hey man, I know you. You're Fantastic!
TSslash Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Your work has a cruel reality to it. Brilliant and repellent at the same time. Of course I inclined to state that I am not one of those who are repelled or else why the fuck would I be posting this.

...By the way can you swear on these things? Because if not they can go fuck themselves.
Reaper-X Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
You seriously need to come back, dude.
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Cadmium Green Lithiumfoxx

pantseeker Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
You are gone again..
I have some goodies ready to send your way..
I hope you will be around to get them.

Where have you gone??
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